Friday, May 22, 2015

Hi Blog

Hi Blog, long time no see. Because a lot of things happened, and I haven't blog in while here, I'll write this entry in english. But lots of pictures follow. :) So, where to start. Oh, I sold some of my drawings and sketches. I'll start with the very nice contact I had with Anette Frisch, who blogs on (in German) about her adventures and experiences with her kooikerhondje Carlsson.

She wrote me, because she found my sketch of the Kooikerhondje I made in a restaurant. And she really loved the drawing, and asked me if I am willing to sell it. I agreed and now the kooikerhondje-sketch has a new home in Mainz.

One day I sat in a cafe and sketched a nice Jack Russell Terrier. The owner was so impressed by the sketch that she bought it right from the table. :)

The next happening was a commission I made for Mr. Thorsten Keller to draw his dog and his two cats as a grandma, a buddha and a musketeer. It took me while to tackle the painting down, and I thank you Mr. Keller very much for his trust and patience! He gave me kindly the permission, after having a chat with his pets about this. ;) He told me that I caught the character of the animals really well and that they found expressions in them that they didn't notice before. :)

I had last year another exhibition at KrabJab Studio in Seattle, where my Pied Raven was featured in the exhibition "Quoth the Raven". And this artwork got sold too. It was such a boost for me to continue on my "Lost Zoo"-series! It is now owned by Mr. John Casker.

I also sold these two tigers straight away! They now have a new home in Munich. Proud owner is Michele Vitucci who has together with Keiko Tanaka a gallery for contemporary Japanese Art in Munich. If you are in Munich, visit Micheko Gallery. It's absolutely worth a visit. To me it was really an honour that Mr. Vitucci liked my work so much that he bought both of the tigers.

You can also find them as prints on my Society6-Shop that has grown in the meantime.

There are alot of other things ahead. Like that I will be in Birmingham at the Paizo Con again, and in October I'll be in Frankfurt at the Bookfair and visit Essen Spiel. This year I won't have a table, but I'll be around as a visitor, and if you want to meet me, just write me a message and we can make an appointment.

In case you found a sketch on the blog that you would like to have too, you would like to commission me or as said meet me on either Frankfurt Bookfair or Essen Spiel, feel free to contact me via my email-address:

For more freguent updates, check out my:

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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Prints zu verkaufen auf meinem Society6-Shop/ Prints for sale on my Society6-Shop

Vielleicht hat der ein oder andere die kleine Box auf der linken Seite in meinem Blog bemerkt. Das ist Werbung für Prints auf Society6, wo ich einen Shop eingerichtet habe. Ich werde in nächster Zeit mehr Motive hochladen, und deshalb würde sich mein Shop über Besucher und natürlich auch Käufer freuen. Schaut Euch um, vielleicht ist schon jetzt was dabei, was ihr gerne hättet. Vielen Dank.

Maybe the one or the other of You noticed the little box on the left side of my blog. This is an ad for prints on Society6, where I set up a shop. I'll add in the furture more pictures to my shop, and that's why my shop would be happy about some visitors of course buyers of the one or other prints. Maybe there is already something in my shop, you would like to have. Thank you very much.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Ich mache mal eine kleine Ankündigung. Vom 26.02.2015 werden Arbeiten von mir in der Galerie Ars24 in München zu sehen sein. In letzter Zeit kam ich nicht zum bloggen, aber macht Euch bereit für Einige Neuigkeiten, denn es hat sich in den letzten Monaten Einiges angesammelt. Deshalb meine Ankündigung für die Ausstellung mal als Anfang für mehr Aktivität auf dem Blog.


I'll make a small Announcement. From February the 26th works by me will be exhibited in the gallery Ars24 in Munich. In the past I didn't get around to blog, but prepare yourself for increased activity in the future with some more news, because a lot of stuff happened in the past months. So my announcement for the exhibition is the start for some more news.


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