Monday, October 17, 2011

Modern Day Erik - The Music Geek

Okay, this time the entry is only in english. I hope, you don't mind. Some time agoo, I came across a facebook profile, were somebody posted as Erik from "the Phantom of the Opera". And Erik played Sims on Facebook. That was for me a bit odd. I can't imagine that Erik really wastes his time by playing Sims on Facebook. And complains about his Sims addiction. I thought, that here the creator and the figure got too close together. I say the creator, because Erik is the figur of a phantom-based webcomic, they (it's a comic group) are runing.

On the base of this minor irritation, I started thinking, what would Erik do, when I would live in our times. I think, he would search through record-antiquaries. Always on the hunt after the rarest and best recordings ever made. Something like "Symphony of some talented, but forgotten dude, played by the national orchestra of Azerbaijan". And I think, he wouldn't have so much problems, with going outside in bright daylight. I mean, this quy:

Rick Genest

This guy:

Stalking Cat

and this lady:

Elaine Davidson

Go out side. And I think, they enjoy the attention, they get. And most importantly: They paid people to look like they look!! So, in my opinion, Erik would feel very, very stupid, when he would stay in the cellars of the opera house. Compared to this body artists...or more artworks, Erik looks rather normal.

Okay, the child in the background does what children do best:


And the mom does, what moms do best:

Mom: Yes dear..... And he said what?!!

Failing in multitasking.

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