Monday, February 28, 2011

Fanny Cochrane Smiths Tiger

Ich möchte in meine Serie über ausgestorbene Tiere auch auf ausgestorbene Stämme aufmerksam machen. Der tasmanische Beutelwolf ist eines der bekanntesten ausgestorbenen Tiere. Aber auf Tasmanien lebten auch Stämme von Aborigines, die regelrecht von den weißen Siedlern ausgerottet wurden. Die letzten vollblütigen Aborigines waren Fanny Cochrane Smith und Truganini.


I want to include beside the extinct animals extinct human tribes. The Tasmanian Tiger is one of the best known extinct animals. But on Tasmania lived also tribes of aboriginal people. They were hunted to extinction by the settlers. The last pureblood Tasmanian aborigines were Fanny Cochrane Smith and Truganini.


  1. The thylacine is probobly still around. It has bee see by over 1000 people since 1936 including a zoologist and a park warden. There are also several convincing pices of film footage.

  2. Thank you also for this information. The sightings and some photo and films, that may show thylacines are known to me. But most of the photos and films are too blurry to tell, if the animals are really thylacines or dingos or foxes or even cats. And some photos were just humble fakes. Which is rather disappointing. That's why I count the thylacine to the official pronounced extinct animals. Until there is further proof, that it may have survived. There is also still the discussion about the mummified thylacine. But I won't rule out the possibility that the thylacine is still among us. Like some of the moa species may have survived their extinction in remote areas of New Zealand. There have also been some sightings and a very, very blurry photo. Which could show a moa or a red deer.

  3. I just saw, that you are from a british cryptozoologic website. Which is very nice, because I also plan on an illustration project aboout cryptids.

  4. Tasmanian Aboriginal people are not extinct, don't believe the white supremacist machine that tries to deny our Aboriginal people's existence, culture is alive, the white man has not won, we dreamtime people will prevail

    1. Hello Anonymus,

      thank you for Your comment and I'll look into this deeper. But my current knowledge so far is that "pureblooded" Aboriginal people of Tasmania are extinct. Who survived are the descendants of mixed European-Aboriginal-families. But all in all, the culture and the language spoken as a first language are extinct.



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