Friday, March 4, 2011

Hokkaido Wolf

Der Hokkaido Wolf war eine von zwei Wolfarten, die in Japan vorkamen. Die letzten Exemplare des Hokkaido Wolfes wurden im 19. Jahrhundert durch Bauern vergiftet. Noch einwenig interessanter ist der Honshu Wolf, der aufgrund seines Vorkommens auf der Insel Honshu sich sehr klein entwickelte. Wahrscheinlich kriegt der Honshu Wolf von mir auch noch sein eigenes Bild.


The Hokkaido Wolf was one of two wolf species, who existed in Japan. The last specimens were poisoned by farmers in the 19th century. A bit more interesting is the Honshu wolf, who was very small because of it's habitat on the isle of Honshu. Maybe the Honshu wolf will get its own portrait by me soon.


  1. Another 'extinct' animal that may still be around. A friend of a Japanese couple i know says he has seen them in the remote mountains were he lives.

  2. Thank you very much for the information. This is really interesting. It would be great, when there will come up further proof, that the Hokkaido Wolf may still exists.



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