Monday, August 17, 2009

Hundeunfälle/Dog's accidents #3

"Richard von der Kiefernaue -genannt "Klein Dicky"- wusste, dass er es nicht tuen sollte. Aber es war die einzigste Freude, die ihm geblieben war."


"Richard von der Kiefernaue -called "Little Dicky"- knew, that he shouldn't do it. But it was his only remaining joy in life."

For those, who read in english. There is a small language-term, which works only in German. "Klein Dicky" would be directly translated into "Little Fatty". But I thought, that fat would be to harsh, because the owner of Richard thinks, he is cute in his apperance. She would never call him fat. There are a bunch of people like that. So, i decided to let "Dicky" stay in the english translation. It does work also well as the short form of "Richard". And I've seen some hilarious meanings of "dicky" in the dictionary.

1 comment:

  1. Der Mops! Der Mops! ... Sieht aus als hätte er bereits den Rest der Torte verputzt.



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